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Puto noun 1.Pejorative term for a male homosexual. Note: While tacos outside of Mexico are generally seen as friend hard-shell tortillas, these are not generally found within Mexico, and are rather classed as 'Tex-Mex cusine. More Slang More Mexican Slang, Mexican Proverbs, Expressions, Sayings, Vocabulary, Sports Terms, Medical Terms, Transportation, Food, Anglicisms, False Friends, TV - Movies, Miscellaneous. Also Valer Madre. Dim your headlights for oncoming traffic. I ate too much chilli.). Pompar, pompeamos, pompeaste, do not exist). transitive verb 2. Get a move on!, or Hurry Up!. La neta ests chavo. There are a number of Mexican terms that can be considered slang. A taco is a soft tortilla topped with any filling, which is picked up and consumed using the hand(s). Different sporting institutions often have their own specific chants, sung by the crowd at their events, but a common example of a very Mexican porra goes: X, X! e.g. Exact translation is Spit it out Lupe. Pinole noun A dry mix of ground corn flour, sugar, cinnamon and other spices, which can be either eaten on its own, or mixed with liquid to make atole. Se infect con Covid, y le carg el payaso (He was infected with Covid, and kicked the bucket). Batucada noun The moment during a party (usually a Quinceaera or a wedding) in which party favors such as fancy dress, balloons, or other fun items, are distributed amongst guests. Not great, not terrible. Poor, demonstrating poverty or sub-standard. Al pedo adj Alert, or up to speed with a given topic. Depending on the context, it can mean MXN$1, One Mexican Peso, or MXN$1,000, One Thousand Mexican Pesos. Wey Colmilludo noun A person with a great deal of experience, or wisdom. Meridano noun A native of the city of Mrida. What a kicking!). This a very barrio term, or perceived as low-class. Chapn noun Slang word for a Guatemalan individual. Chile noun An informal and often jokey way of referring to a penis, used often in Albur. It's been good to use occasionally. Tianguis noun A street market or flea market. Vocabulary quizzes are powered by SpanishDict's world-class Spanish-English dictionary. Partir la madre verb To beat the shit out of someone. The world's interest in Mexican slang.The best way to learn Mexican Spanish 100% is.. B Grande noun The letter B. Very common expression meaning that something is excellent excellent, or the best. Darle por la libre verb To freestyle something, or go ahead without making a prior plan. Mexican Slang Quiz How good is your Spanish? Changarro noun An informal street-level vendor or commercial stand. A verb 'chingar' is also commonly used in expressions like ' No me chingues!', or 'Vete a la chingada.' = 'Don't fuck with me! Poca-madre adj Depending entirely on context it can mean: 1. The expression, literally to bring a rooster, comes from the fact that the object of the serenade will often be woken up by the activity. ( What would you like to eat? Meter un calambre verb To give someone a scare. Nunca digas de agua agua no haz de beber expression Equivalent of Never Say Never. Pipope noun Pejorative abbreviation for a native of Puebla State: Pinche Poblano Pendejo (Fucking Idiot from Puebla). Echar al plato verb To have sex with someone; literally to put them on your plate, in the context of the phrase andarse comiendo. e.g. Oye y tu amigo el Cacas? (Oh, and what about that horrible friend of yours?). Most often found as a suffix on place names. noun Slang term equivalent of mate or buddy. They are also known as the Tarahumara in the Spanish language, although that word is a bastardisation of how the people refer to themselves. Auto Chocolate noun A vehicle registered in the United States, which is brought across the border without undergoing the proper import procedure, and is simply used in the border region. Estar crudo (To be hungover) 8. Pacheco 1. noun A stoner, or someone who enjoys smoking marijuana. e.g. Urban Dictionary: spanish slang spanish slang The use of non dictionary words in the Spanish language, street talk, made up words our culture has made up over the years I came to urban dictionary looking for a Spanish version to help me figure out what a word used in Spanish slang meant, only to find out their isn't one . Pinche 1. Comes from the phrase Ni Trabaja, Ni Estudia (Neither works, nor studies). Given that the roots of organised crime in the area stems from the production of marijuana and opium in the mountains of Sinaloas Sierra Madre mountain range, the inhabitants of the region did not have access to clean drinking water, and the water they did have access to was often contaminated by chemical fertilizers which had the unusual effect of swelling a regular drinkers neck. Be very careful who you call buey. Also La Penultima. A thief is agazapado. expression Informal and colloquial way of asking if a person will join you in your plans. Concede cambio de luces A road sign commonly seen on federal highways asking motorists to be considerate of their headlights when passing oncoming vehicles. Often abbreviated to simply Chivo. Literally means a twin, but is used often in a fraternal context. This word comes from a measure of five tortillas in 19th Century Guadalajara, known as a Tapata. Petas Sinaloan expression meaning drunk; a bastardisation of the word peda. REcaptured finally after two jailbreaks in 2016, and since serving a prison sentence in the USA. Some in Mexico still refer to the capital by its original name. ), Chulada noun A beautiful, or high quality, thing or action. Often used to express surprise at something of which one disapproves. Cargar la Cruz verb To be hungover. It's definitely more of an intermediate dictionary. Quiobolas exclam Rude alternative to que hubole, given that it suffixes the word bolas. Literally Dont search for tits on a snake. Valer Madre verb Of something to come to an end, break or become defunct. Wey means "dude" when talking to friends. Echar Aguas verb To keep an eye out, or watch for approaching danger. The city of Tapachula considers itself La Perla del Soconusco (The Pearl of the Soconusco). c vt. Chido adj. Jalas? (Were going to the bar. Literally never say this water is undrinkable. Harina noun Flour. Mamn(a) An arrogant or conceited individual. b. la jerga mexicana (F) I learned a lot of Mexican slang when I spent a semester in Guadalajara.Aprend mucha jerga mexicana cuando pas un semestre en Guadalajara. Fuck it, Im running the light.). The oxford dictionary of slang. Wikipedia entry here. Tirar Rostro verb To show off ones good looks, often in a coquettish way. Lacra noun A delinquent or undisciplined individual. Not applicable in the context of tipping a waiter. Villameln noun An individual who feigns to have an interest in a certain cultural activity, but is in fact ignorant of its finer points and is often merely doing so out of affectation. Fue una ganga! (I got it for 100 pesos, it was a steal!). Me carga la verga/chingada exclam Expressive of frustration, or bad luck. ando bien crudo guey (Im very hungover, man). Un chingo: A lot, many or much, can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. Putiza noun A ferocious beating. 2. adj Stoned, or high, specifically through the use of marijuana. Halcon noun A cartel lookout, or spy. Este pinche guey como me caga (This fucking guy really pisses me off). e.g. So-called after the working class neighborhood of Tepito in Mexico City. Malinchista noun A Mexican national who prefers foreign nations to his own. e.g. El sol esta recio hoy (The sun is very strong today). Se hizo en la casa de un servidor (It was done in my house). Cruda/o A hangover, or to be hungover. Dar Culo verb Of something to make a person nervous or scared. e.g. El wey es un patn. (The guys an asshole). Banter. Soconusco noun The Pacific coast border region with Guatemala, located in Chiapas state. Zape noun A firm telling off, or bollocking. Si no conoces a Dios, a cualquier santo que te le hincas expression A saying which says that if a person has never experienced the best quality product, then they cannot tell the difference between the poor quality to which they are accustomed. Tepache noun A drink made from fermented pineapple skin. Sincronizada noun A dish created by taking two (generally wheat) tortillas and making sandwich out of them, with a filling, and preparing them on a grill. Cantina noun A traditional, or old-fashioned, Mexican bar or drinking hole. Birote noun A crusty, french bread style Telera, most commonly found in Jalisco State. Salvar el pellejo verb To help someone out of a difficult situation. Bolillo noun A bread roll, or individual sized piece of bread. Hidrocalido noun A native of the state of Aguascalientes. Asaduda noun A pluck in butchery terms. Generic term generally meaning assent, most commonly used in Mexico City and the surrounding area. Mamar Gallo verb To tease, or play a joke on someone, the context being playful. Comes from the word Rey, meaning King. Vamos al bar. A clown. We've created a list of popular slang words and phrases so you can start sounding like, and connect with Spanish locals. Check ouot Mexico Relocation Guide, shot down a federal governments helicopter, Thinking of moving to Mexico? Ballena noun A Caguama, specifically of Pacifico beer, found only in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where the brewery is based. Prstame quinientos varos guey. 2. noun One. Bohemia noun An evening of drinking, live music and signing with ones cuates the live music most often being supplied by the friend who plays an instrument. It's similar to "ok" or "alright". Chelada noun Synonym of Michelada. But, it's not organized well. : exclam Fuck it! Ese profesion es mi gallo (This is the profession I want to be in). English Translation of "meco" | The official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online. Ranero noun A Californian chicano word for a member of the Mexican migrant community in the United States most often an undocumented migrant. Alegra noun A cereal bar made from honey and the amaranth grain. Literally, I sell tomatoes, not marbles. i.e. There are many kinds: Roja a common sauce with a tomato base. Esta bien bueno. Date. Al Chile expression To get straight to the point. A fairweather fan, in the context of sport, but can also be used in any other context; i.e. La neta es que me cagas (The truth be told, you are very irritating). An individual who one cannot take seriously. It is the traditional bread used in the torta ahogada. Esa putiza no tenia madre (that beating was bloody awful). Defeo An antiquated term for a native of Mexico City, given that the capital state was once named Distrito Federal. Also happysn. Dos-Tres expression A very chilango way of saying probably, or more likely than not. Comes from the English term crack-shot. CJNG acronym Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacin. e.g. Cacique noun A member of the economic ruling class, or landowning classes. In that they smoke like a chimey. Clamato noun A tomato juice-based drink, with seafood flavouring, which is most often mixed with sauces, Bloody Mary style, to make clamato preparado. Echar Reja verb In the Bajo, the traditional term for going to visit your girlfriend in her family home. e.g. Do you want to come?). Periodicazo noun A damaging or scandalous newspaper story. Equivalent of skeletons in the closet in English. e.g. Hijole exclam A polite saying expressing surprise or confusion. Diablito noun Electric power illicitly redirected from the main power grid. Equivalent of I beg you pardon?. Picadero noun A crack-house or drug den, so called because it is where people go to inject (picar)/. noun A monkey, or any species belonging to the primate genus. Also Lambiscon. Literally, to do something with your buttocks. As in You dont need to ask permission, its your own to give. Fichar verb To pay for someone elses bill. Tenemos tiempo que no bochincheamos (Its been ages since we tore it up.). e.g. Los boletos eran gratis, pero nos sentaron en la gayola (The tickets we free, but they were up in the nosebleeds). e.g. Duda, no quedarse con expression To go ahead and do something that you are considering. Also Chicole. Rubia de farmacia noun A peroxide blonde. e.g. Patn noun An asshole in the figurative sense. La quiere peladita y en la boca expression Descriptive of a work-shy individual, who does not want to put in a lot of effort in order to achieve what they set out to do. Spanglish. e.g. i.e. Often spelled Carambolo in Western Mexico. They are known as extremely brutal gangsters, and responsible for a severe escalation in the form gang violence has taken in Mexico. Aplicar una llave verb A lucha libre wrestling term for putting an opponent - or anyone else for that matter - in a head-lock. Esta tragando camote (Look at this idiot with the green light, but he isnt moving. Chiflar y comer pinole, no poder expression Meaning it is impossible to do two things well at the same time. This guide to slang will take your Spanish learning to the next level. It is a shortened version of the phrase Que Vergonsoso (how shameful/embarrassing). The Spanish Slang Dictionary Directory Either in the physical sense, or in competition. Comes from the word for rocket. Ay, que guarro eres (Ugh, youre so vulgar). Fuchicaca adj Bad, ugly or undesirable. To have verbal-diarrhea. The most stereotypical Mexican expression. Commonly eaten in Mexico and the wider region. There should be! 6. Traeme la feria (Bring me the money). Polaco expression An albur expression signifying anal sex. e.g. (Be careful!) Palo noun An event of sexual intercourse. Chilangada noun A rude of discourteous action undertaken, befitting of a Chilango. Pata de Perro noun A pejorative description of a member of the Mexican Armed Forces. Buey noun Has many spellings, but this is the correct one. A rare and delicious dish, if you can find it. tener lo Huevos llenos expression To be completely fed up, irrritated or annoyed by something or someone. e.g. Al Chilazo adj Something performed in an uncaring, or slap-dash manner. What do you want to comer?. Porfiriato noun The historical period of 1876 to 1911 during which General Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico as president/dictator. Kiosko noun A rural towns main square. Also Fulana/o de tal. The expressions etymology derives from the accented pronunciation of Mexicano, i.e. Most of the time, a naco acts unpleasantly, is not well-educated and uses certain colorful slang. Hasta la Madre adj An emotional state of frustration with someone or something. Ya me la hicieron de pedo (They made a scene). Also Frenar los tacos. This comes from the phrase tener el colmillo largo. Penultima noun The final beverage of a drinking session, the final drink being the one taken before you die. Referred to as A Whitey in English. Llevar gallo verb To bring a musical troupe to a persons home, usually in the middle of the night, to serenade them. e.g. Regio noun A native of the city of Monterrey. 2. Me Caga exclam Expression meaning something or someone is irritating, or makes you angry. Charifete noun A bus driver. Buchn noun A male member of the Sinaloa Cartel. e.g. Mira esa madre! (Look at this shit!). e.g. Godn noun A person who works in an office from 9am to 5pm. Bullshit. This common word comes from the Raramuri language, in which Guaru means big. Chile, mole y pozole expression An expression denoting that a person is not picky when it comes to food, as in theyll eat anything. The lime is more valuable than the sand, and therefore by trading one for the other, he who receives the sand ends up worse-off. This uncouth practice has since become synonymous with being a loser.. B Pequeo noun The letter V. Used to signify the difference between the letters B and V, which are pronounced similarly. Toques noun A drinking game commonly played in Mexico Citys nightlife spots, in which two electrodes are held in ones hands, or a human chain is formed by linking hands, with one electrode at each end, and an increasingly strong electric current is passed through the circuit, with the aim of the game being to hold on, and endure the increasing pain, as long as possible. Pejorative description. is correct, while Quin pomp las chelas is not. e.g. Check out Mexico Relocation Guide. Chingar verb. Lencha noun Despective and offensive word for lesbian. Topure noun Indigenous term for rich, red, loamy soil, found particularly in volcanic regions. Me la pelas exclam Rude expression, roughly translating to suck my dick. e.g. Higado noun A person who is very difficult to get along with. verb To engage in light-hearted conversation. Palero noun An individual who is quick, or easily convinced, to change their allegiances. Jalas? Maldoso adj Of an individual who is not trustworthy. 2. From charola, the word for tray. Used commonly to say when something has reached its completion, or is fully put together/armed. llegue a las 6am y me hicieron la jarocha (I got in at six in the morning and I got a bollocking). Sort the table columns by country, language, or title. Para el refresco, means give me a tip. adj Descriptive of an individual with rural, or unrefined tastes. i.e. noun A person hailing from the north of the country. Zarandeado noun A food preparation style, in which a fish is basted in a blend/rub of spices, and then grilled over charcoal. Common Mexican Slang Words and Expressions 1. b) The best, or very successful, person. e.g. La Pera A particularly sharp turn along the road from Mexico City to Cuernavaca. slang ( slahng ) noun 1. exclam Expression of surprise regional to the Yucatan Peninsuka. e.g. e.g. Equivalent of cheeky monkey. A very brutal drug cartel founded in the city of Guadalajara. The Chilangos say its possible, the Provincia says its not. 2. adj Descriptive of something which is very good or impressive. Fusca noun A pistol, or firearm. The country has about 60 kinds of corn, and the dark variety is a special treat when one can eat it. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. They are typically noisy and rowdy places. A journalist who accepts such money is known as a chayotero. What an amazing player he is). Hes not paying attention.). I-Latino noun The letter I. No tener madre adj Descriptive of something or something to be particularly malicious or bad. why do celebrities dress like slobs,

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