Let us see some of the costs associated with selling a home

  •  Expenses incurred towards repairs, etc.
  •  Costs of home-staging
  •  Expenses towards a real estate agent
  •  Cost of professional home inspection
  •  Expenses associated with remodeling your home

Once you evaluate these expenses, you can measure it against the price you expect for your property and it will give you a fair idea whether selling is the best course of action for you. Sometimes a simple remodeling can make your home feel like new.

After weighing all the pros and cons if you have decided to take the step of selling your house, have a systematic approach towards it.

Carry out repairs
When you need to sell a property, you need to ensure that it is in order. Therefore you will need to get all the repair work done and sometimes even painting may be required.

 Price your property
It is important to accurately price your property. You can do so by surveying the prices of similar properties in the locality.

Home staging
Home staging is decorating your home to impress potential buyers. Before home staging, ensure that you remove all the personal items from your home. This will give it a neutral look. The buyer should see his home in the property and not view it as someone else home.

 Photograph your home
Take attractive pictures of your home from different angles with good lighting.

Advertise your home
In order to reach out to buyers, you will need to advertise your property by “For Sale” boards in your yard. You can list your home on property portals and share your listing on social media sites.

Once potential buyers get in touch with you, you will need to arrange for viewings of the property. After the deal is finalized, there will be detailed paperwork that will need to be completed for transfer of ownership.
Although it may seem to a simple process, inexperience in the field can lead to the sale at a lower value; seller getting frustrated at various stages of the process; seller missing out on good opportunities due to lack of time; etc.

To address all these issues and any others, you can think of hiring a real estate agent. A professional agent is well-aware of the dynamics of the property market and can advise you so that you are able to maximize your returns.

I can take charge of the entire process right from listing your property to the extensive documentation.

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Besides I can offer services such as

  1. Photographing your home
  2. Listing it online
  3. Marketing it extensively
  4. Arranging viewings
  5. Negotiating
  6. Documentation

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Based on which I can advise you regarding

  1. Alterations and additions to your home that will enhance its value
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